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Strong Legal Consulting is a one-man legal consulting powerhouse founded in 2016 by Sami Vahvaselkä. Before founding his own firm, Sami worked 12 years as legal counsel and senior legal counsel in the big international telecommunications company supporting games, music and mapping and navigation businesses of the company. During those years Sami’s responsibilities also included legal support for marketing and sales related activities and product programs (software products and connected services) in all product related legal matters. Sami has extensive experience from challenging contract negotiations with the largest internet companies in the world and other industry leading companies, for example, from automotive, music and gaming industry. 

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“I have worked with a few exceptional legal counsels during my career and Sami is certainly one of them. It was always a relief when Sami was assigned to a deal as I knew Sami would be thorough, fast and would take business implications into account when he could. The time it took to  crank out a contract went down by a factor of 5 when working with Sami.” - Head of Business Development, UK

“Sami is an excellent and relentless negotiator with good understanding  of what are the essentials and where there's more room for negotiation. We had a very good co-operation with Sami in nailing agreements with several high profile internet companies.” - Senior Manager, Product and Project Management, Finland

“Sami is a highly qualified legal counsel. In several projects, I have been able to appreciate his strong competence, precision, optimism and negotiation skills with the client, which have allowed us to conclude successfully complex negotiations. It is truly a pleasure to work with Sami. He manages to make even the most complex topics simple, with a smile.” - Senior Customer Engagement Manager, Automotive, Italy