Areas of Expertise 

With the extensive experience from the following areas of business we can assist you in the best possible manner in any commercial transactions whether it is contract negotiations or drafting or legal support for your own product or business teams: 

Entertainment (games, music, TV, movies) 
Maps and navigation 
Sales and marketing 

We are happy to provide you with the efficient and business-minded legal support, for example, related to the following: 

Contract drafting and negotiations 
GDPR and other privacy related matters 
Marketing related legal issues 
Technology and Intellectual Property Rights 
Application and service development related legal issues 

Do you need a Data Protection Officer for your firm or are worried about the GDPR?
We are also happy to assist you with any GDPR or other privacy related matters. Sami Vahvaselkä doesn´t just know the privacy regulations, but he also knows how to make it work in practise for your firm.